Becoming More Like Jesus

coming Spring 2024

Meets Wednesdays in the main building
 April 10 through May 29

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP AND BEGIN AT WEEK 2. Video recordings of the first session of the Marriage Course or Basic Beliefs will be provided to new participants. But please sign up before next Wednesday so we can anticipate for the food needs!  

We have two exciting options for personal growth this Spring! We start at 5:30 pm with dinner, and have children and youth programs too. All ages welcome!

The Marriage Course: Hosted by Pastor Jeff and Susan Chandler, incorporates video segments and breaks for private one-on-one conversations between married couples. Since there will be no mixed group interaction, it’s ideally designed for both spouses to attend together.  Topics include communication, resolving conflict, family dynamics, marital intimacy, and building a strong foundation. A $10 workbook journal for each participant will be available for purchase (each spouse will need their own journal).  You can buy the workbook journal on the first night, or pay online when you sign up and pick up the book on campus.

Basic Beliefs: Hosted by Pastor Rick Dietzman, is designed to explore questions about faith, life and God with people from our community. It includes a weekly film series and live teaching on various aspects of Christianity to spur on discussion in smaller group breakouts. If you are still trying to sort out exactly what you believe or want to bring a seeking friend along, this course is for you!


Please sign up for either of these today so that we can prepare materials, food and the children’s ministry.  If you choose to buy a book online, please sign up first, then buy the book.

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