Feb 9 – A time for questions audio           handout

Feb  16 – A time for answers audio           handout

Mar 1 Session 3-4: A Time of Evidences and Commitment   audio                handout

Mar 8 Finding Purpose  audio         handout

March 15 Post Christian culture video       handout 

The seminar has now concluded. Future classes will be offered at a later date after the Coronavirus situation improves. God bless you all in this time. Please explore our previous seminars below. 


Past Seminars

The Case for Miracles

Session 1  Questions about the Miraculous     video    handout

Session 2  Evidence for Genuine Miracles     video        handout

Session 3  When Miracles Don’t Happen   video         handout

The Life You've Always Wanted

Session 1 – Transformation  audio    handout

Session 2 – Slowing It Down  audio    handout

Session 3 – Service and Freedom  audio   handout

Session 4 – Praying and Confessing  audio   handout

Session 5 – Scripture and Guidance audio    handout

Session 6 – Well-Ordered Heart  audio   handout


The Blessing
Eternity is Now in Session

Session 1 – Introduction   audio    handout

Session 2 – Awakening   audio     handout 

Session 3 – Purgation   audio     handout

Session 4 – Illumination   audio      handout

Session 5 – Union   audio  handout

Christians Who Made History: The Apostles

Introduction  audio  handout

Backstories    audio   handout  (with extras)

Jews and Gentiles   audio  handout

Who wrote the gospels?   audio     handout

The Heretics  audio   handout 

Beyond Acts 28   audio    handout

Serving as Senders with Neal Pirolo    video   handout

2nd Generation Innovation    audio   handout

2nd Gen – Traditions   audio   handout

3rd Gen – Traditions   audio   handout

Transfiguration part 1    audio  handout

Transfiguration part 2     audio    handout

Scripture Vignettes part 1   audio      handout

Scripture Vignettes part 2   audio      handout

Creeds and Heresies     audio      handout      quiz

Sovereignty and Free Will     audio       handout

Constantine       audio         handout

Forming the Canon      audio      handout

Athanasius       audio         handout

Monks in the Desert     audio      handout

Augustine           audio          handout


Joshua - Living Out a Courageous Faith

Archeology and Dating    audio         handout 

Clues for the Conquest   audio         handout       powerpoint slides

Inheritance and Covenant   audio       handout    inheritance video       covenant video

Reasons for the Conquest    audio         handout     devoted video       conquest video       summary video


Soul Care

September 9 – What is the soul audio         handout 

September 16 – the soul struggle  audio       handout

September 23 – What the soul needs audio       handout

September 30 – The practice of grace audio         handout

October 7 – The practice of gratitude audio           handout

October 14 – The practice of growth audio           handout

October 21 – The cry of the soul audio                handout

Jesus in Focus

WatchThe Visible Yahweh: Jesus in the OT  video    handout

Who is Jesus?   audio       handout

The Promise  audio         handout

The Prophecy  audio    50 OT prophecies    handout

His Life   audio     handout

His Death   audio    handout

WatchJesus, Man of Unimaginable Influence – John Ortberg   video

His Resurrection   audio      handout

Bonus material  Watch Forensic Evidence for the Resurrection – Rick Dietzman Video

Is Jesus God? part 1   audio      handout

Is Jesus God? part 2   audio         handout 

Is Jesus the Only Way?   audio       handout

Handling the Questions   audio    handout

Eight "I AM's" of Jesus

I AM the Bread of Life   audio           handout

I AM the Light of the World   audio        handout

I AM the Gate  handout

I AM the Good Shepherd    audio        handout

I AM the Resurrection     handout

I AM the Way, Truth and the Life     handout

I AM the True Vine   handout

I AM the Alpha and Omega

Building a Scientific and Historic Case for God

May 7  How does Genesis line up?   audio     handout 

May 14 Who wrote the Torah?   audio      handout

May 21 Evidence for Exodus pt 1 audio                handout

May 28 Evidence for Exodus pt 2 video                handout

June 4  Clues about the Conquest audio     handout

June 18 David and Solomon audio    handout

July 2 Assyrian Attacks audio   handout

July 9 The Babylon Invasion audio   handout

Sept 10 – Canons of Historicity audio             handout

Sept 17 – Luke and Acts audio                       handout

Sept 24 – External Corroboration audio         handout

Oct 1 – The Trial of Jesus  audio                    handout

Oct 8 – Evidence for the Resurrection video        handout

The Case for Bible and Creator
The Case for the reliability of the Bible – Rev Rick Dietzman

The Bible and History – audio           handout

The Bible and Archeology – audio       handout
PowerPoint presentation which gives evidence for the Exodus

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls – audio   handout
The Bible and Jesus – audio    handout

The Case for a Creator – Rev. Rick Dietzman

Watch Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator Documentary on YouTube

How Does Genesis Line Up – audio           handout

The Case for Intelligent Design – audio       handout

Doubts about Darwinism – audio                 handout

Who Was Adam – audio                               handout

The Divine Conspiracy

Week One:  Introduction audio  handout

Week One: A Blessed Life  audio  handout

Week One: A Good Person audio   handout

Week One: Defining Kingdoms audio     handout

Week One:  What Matters Most audio   handout

Week One:   Prayerful Love audio  handout

Week One:   Living as a Disciple audio  handout

Abraham - Journey of Faith

Week One:  Abraham: Blessed to be a Blessing    audio   handout

Week Two:  Abraham:Foreshadows    audio   handout

Week Three:  Abraham: Prayer and Judgement   audio    handout

Week Four:  Abraham: Legacy of Faith   audio    handout

The Jesus Creed

The Jesus Creed – Loving God and  Loving Others

Introducing the Jesus Creed Audio  handout

God is One   Audio       handout

A New Beginning   Audio        handout

What has God called us to become?  Audio         handout

The Story of Compassion   audio       handout 

Transformation    audio          handout

Living it    audio      handout

Truth Project

What is Truth – Why Jesus came audio         handout

What is Truth – the Cosmic Battle audio       handout

Philosophy – Says who? audio                       handout

Ethics – Can you live it?  audio                      handout

Anthro – Where evil comes from  audio        handout

Anthro – Finding Ourselves    audio                  handout

Theology – Knowing God     audio                      handout

Theology – The Bible reveals God     audio        handout

  • EXTRA: Evidence for the Exodus – extended edition  video   handout (with many added details)
  • EXTRA: Evidence for Jesus Christ     audio        handout (from a previous series – Trusting the Bible)
  • EXTRA: Evidence for the Shroud of Turin – extended edition  video    handout (with references for further study)

Science – What is True    audio               handout

Science – Darwin part 1   audio              handout

Science – Darwin part 2    audio              handout

History – Whose story?    audio                handout

History – God’s story   audio    handout

Sociology – The Divine Imprint   audio   handout

Sociology: Family and Church  audio   handout

Unio Mystica: Am I alone  audio   handout

Unio Mystica: Barriers  audio     handout

The State – Whose Law?  audio   handout

The State – Who is the Savior?   audio   handout


get all slides for lesson 10

Religious Freedom – video presentation          handout

God’s Design   audio                 handout

Exploring Foundations    audio     handout

The Lampstand   audio          handout

Labor: Created to Create   audio       handout

Labor: 7  Economic Principles   audio       handout

Community: God Cares – Do I?   audio         handout

Community: Transforming Culture   audio     handout

God is Closer than You Think

Feb 26 – God’s great desire for people audio            handout

Mar 5 – Where is God in my world audio                   handout

Mar 12 – Partnering with God audio                          handout

Mar 19 – Listening to the voice of God audio             handout

Mar 26 – God wants a relationship with you audio        handout

April 2 – Heaven Breaking Through audio                handout

Joseph - Man of Integrity

Week One:  Joseph and History  audio   handout

Week Two: Joseph and his family audio    handout 

Week Three:  Joseph in Potiphar’s house  audio   handout

Week Four:  Joseph in Prison  audio    handout

Week Five:  Prudent and Promoted  audio   handout

Week Six:  Letting go of the Past  audio     handout

Week Seven:  Do the Right Thing  audio     handout

Week Eight:  Payback   audio   handout

The Family Project Series

Week One: You are Here    audio     handout

Week Two: Let us make man  audio   handout

Week Three: Not good to be alone  audio      handout

Week Four: For this reason  audio  handout

Week Five: Like one of us    audio    handout

Week Six: What God has joined   audio    handout

Week Seven:  Mothers as image bearers  audio    handout

Week Eight: Fathers as image bearers   audio   handout

Week Nine: Children as image bearers   audio  handout

Week Ten: The Enemy   audio   handout

Week Eleven: – Mystery and Destiny audio    handout

Week Twelve: My Imperfect family audio    handout

Jacob - Failing Forward

Week One: Trading the Birthright audio   handout

Week Two:  Losing the Blessing audio    handout

Week Three: Jacob meets God audio    handout

Week Four:  Rachel and Leah  audio   handout

Week Five: – Jacob’s children  audio  handout

Week Six: – Jacob flees   audio   handout

Week Seven: – Wrestling with God audio  handout

Week Eight – The Journey Home audio  handout