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Exploring practical ways to be a positive example for Christ in our extended families (particularly with Gen Z, 13-25 year-olds)  

September 11  handout – Overview

September 18 handout- Understaning Their Uncertainty

September 25 – Living with purpose among the younger generations – guest speaker

October 2 – Eclectic Spirituality & special guest Eli Webb, SCC childrens director



The Great Awakenings in America

The First Great Awakening: 1730 – 1740       video     handout

The Second Great Awakening: 1800 – 1840    video      handout

The Third Great Awakening: 1860 – 1930       video      handout

The Fourth Great Awakening: 1950 – 1970      video      handout 


A two week course

May 22 – part 1  handout   video presentation

May 29 – part 2  handout   video presentation


The Blessing

A Three Part Series

April 24 – handout    audio        

May 1 – handout       audio

May 15    handout      audio

The Case for Miracles

Session 1  Questions about the Miraculous     video    handout

Session 2  Evidence for Genuine Miracles     video        handout

Session 3  When Miracles Don’t Happen   video         handout

People of the Book
God's Sovereignty and Free will

 The Sovereignty of God    video     handout

The Compatibility of God’s Sovereignty and Human Free Will       video     handout

The Purpose of Christ’s Death on the Cross      video       handout