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Christians Who Made History: The Great Awakenings.

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Past Seminars

The Case for Miracles

Session 1  Questions about the Miraculous     video    handout

Session 2  Evidence for Genuine Miracles     video        handout

Session 3  When Miracles Don’t Happen   video         handout

The Blessing
Christians Who Made History: The Apostles

Introduction  audio  handout

Backstories    audio   handout  (with extras)

Jews and Gentiles   audio  handout

Who wrote the gospels?   audio     handout

The Heretics  audio   handout 

Beyond Acts 28   audio    handout

Serving as Senders with Neal Pirolo    video   handout

2nd Generation Innovation    audio   handout

2nd Gen – Traditions   audio   handout

3rd Gen – Traditions   audio   handout

Transfiguration part 1    audio  handout

Transfiguration part 2     audio    handout

Scripture Vignettes part 1   audio      handout

Scripture Vignettes part 2   audio      handout

Creeds and Heresies     audio      handout      quiz

Sovereignty and Free Will     audio       handout

Constantine       audio         handout

Forming the Canon      audio      handout

Athanasius       audio         handout

Monks in the Desert     audio      handout

Augustine           audio          handout