This Christian worldview class started in January, but you can still sign up and catch up!  We meet at 10:15 & 11:15 am in the Adult Portable, and at 10:15 am on Zoom (which is recorded for those who want to view later)


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Past Seminars

Historical Revivals in the USA

A study of the four notable historical revivals in the United States, including a focus on current prayer movements in Washington state. Jim Cymbala wraps it up with a five part series on prayer. To access the content, sign up and put “historical revivals” in the comments section.

The Case for Miracles

Session 1  Questions about the Miraculous     video    handout

Session 2  Evidence for Genuine Miracles     video        handout

Session 3  When Miracles Don’t Happen   video         handout

People of the Book