Message Outlines

June - December 2017

December 31 • Turnaround

December 24 • Unwrapping The Gift

December 17 • This Baby Changes Everything

December 10 • Christmas Celebration

December 3 • Just What We’re Looking For

November 26 • Winning Words

November 19 • Hopeful Words 

November 12 • Helpful Words

November 5 • Calming Words

October 29 • Calm Instead Of Storm 

October 22 • Prodigal 

October 15 • Loving Our Non-BFFS 

October 8 • Being Humble 

October 1 • Judging Judgments 

September 24 • Trust Fall Fails 

September 17 • Just Lip Service? 

September 10 • No Way! Yes Way! 

September 3 • Jesus: I Got This!

August 27 • Love and Respect – Always? 

August 20 • Guidelines To God’s Will  

August 13 • Make the Wisest Choice 

August 6  • No! Not Another Problem! 

July 30 • Pick the Best

July 23 • What’s God’s Will All About?

July 16 • The Affairs Of The Heart

July 9 • The Visible Yahweh (Lord)

July 2 • To The Max!

June 25 • The Case For Creation Care

June 18 • Prepared Parents

June 11 • Our Faith Will Be Challenged

June 4 • Real Daily Faith

January - May 2017

May 28 • Faithful Investment










May 21 • The End

May 14 • What Does The Bible Say About Heaven?

May 7 • What Does The Bible Say About Hell?

April 30 • Where Do We Go?

April 23 • Hilarious Giving

April 16 • What We Learn About God

April 9 • Victory

April 2 • Got Thirst?

March 26 • Substitution

March 19 • Love

March 12 • Assurance

March 5 • Forgiveness

February 26 • Get Going!

February 19 • Intentions Understood

February 12 • Hey, Over Here!

February 5 • It’s A Transformational Call

January 29 • Called To Community

January 22 • Caller ID

January 15 • Living Our Calling January 08 • This Call is for You!

January 01 • Dream Release • Rev. Rick Dietzman

All 2016

December 18 • Filled With Divine Reality










December 04 • Christmas Is…Filled With Planning

November 27 • Christmas is Filled with Surprises

11-20-16 Christ In Us

11-13-16 It Continues In Me

11-06-16 It Starts With Jesus

10-30-16 Purpose In Our Pain?

10-23-16 Afraid Of The Dark?

10-16-16 Trouble Will Transform You

10-09-16 Throwing in the Towel?

10-02-16 Making Sense Of Life’s Struggles

09-25-16 Getting Through Life’s Losses

09-18-16 When Our World Collapses

09-11-16 How to Get Through What We’re Going Through

09-04-16 God’s Word As Guide

08-28-16 Everybody Loves A Good Ending (No audio available) 08-21-16 God’s Word for Us

08-14-16 Living By The Bible

08-07-16 What We Believe About God’s Word

07-31-16 How Do We Know It’s God’s Word?

07-24-16 Four Core Promises to Live By:  God’s Purpose

07-17-16 Four Core Promises to Live By:  God’s Provision

07-10-16 Four Core Promises to Live By:  God’s Protection

07-03-16 Four Core Promises to Live By: God’s Presence

06-26-16 God’s Blessing & God’s People

06-19-16 Will We or Won’t We?

06-12-16 We Can Know God

06-05-16 God Is Easy To Find

05-29-16 Taking God At His Word

05-22-16 God Really Satisfies Our Souls

05-15-16 God’s Game Plan

05-08-16 Thank You, MOM!

05-01-16 God Is A Really Great Guide

04-24-16 God Changes Us For Real

04-17-16 He Really Forgives and Forgets

04-10-16 You Can Trust Him…Really

04-03-16 God Really Does Love Us

03-27-16 It’s Good News

03-30-16 The Best Parade Ever

03-13-16 Happy Contentment

03-06-16 Happy Peace

02-28-16 Happy Life

02-21-16 Happy Faith

02-14-2016 Happy Attitude

02-07-16 Happy Hearts

01-31-16 Happy Conflicts?

01-24-16 Being Happy

01-17-16 Happy, Healthy Relationships

01-10-16 The Church We Are Meant To Be

Adult Sunday Seminars

Jesus in Focus

Watch – The Visible Yahweh: Jesus in the OT    handout

January 7 – Who is Jesus? audio       handout

January 14 – The Promise audio         handout

January 21 – The Prophecy audio    50 OT prophecies    handout

January 28 – His Life audio     handout

February 4 – His Death audio    handout

February 11 –  Watch video – John Ortberg – Jesus Man of Unimaginable Influence

February 18 – His Resurrection audio      handout

Bonus material  Watch Video – Forensic Evidence for the Resurrection – Rick D

February 25 – Is Jesus God? part 1 audio      handout

March 11- Is Jesus God? part 2 audio         handout 

Moses - Called for God's Purposes
The Scientific and Historical Case for God - NT
Sept 10 – Canons of Historicity audio             handout Sept 17 – Luke and Acts audio                       handout Sept 24 – External Corroboration audio         handout Oct 1 – The Trial of Jesus  audio                    handout Oct 8 – Evidence for the Resurrection video        handout
The case for God in the OT
  May 7  How does Genesis line up? audio              handout  May 14 Who wrote the Torah? audio                      handout May 21 Evidence for Exodus pt 1 audio                handout May 28 Evidence for Exodus pt 2 video                handout June 4  Clues about the Conquest audio              handout June 18 David and Solomon audio                       handout July 2 Assyrian Attacks audio                               handout July 9 The Babylon Invasion audio                        handout This series will resume covering the New Testament on September 10th On July 16, 23, 30 there will be a short series called Faith: Understanding Its Nature and How We Mature in it Class is on break in August  
God is Closer than you think
  Feb 26 – God’s great desire for people audio            handout                   Mar 5 – Where is God in my world audio                   handout Mar 12 – Partnering with God audio                          handout Mar 19 – Listening to the voice of God audio             handout Mar 26 – God wants a relationship with you audio        handout April 2 – Heaven Breaking Through audio                handout
Sacred Styles - 4 part message series on Spiritual Pathways
This series is based on the book “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas                       Download Sacred Styles  Questionnaire   Part 1:  Sacred Styles: Are You Contemporary or Traditional? Sensates – Loving God with the Senses Traditionalists – Loving God though Ritual and Symbol
Download Outline                                           Part 2: Sacred Styles: Movers & Shakers Activists – Loving God through Action Enthusiasts – Loving God with Celebration Caregivers – Loving God by Serving people
Download Outline                                           Part 3:  Sacred Styles: Celebrating Strengths Intellectuals – Loving God with the Mind Naturalists – Loving God Outdoors
Download Outline                                           Part 4: Sacred Styles: O, Come Let Us Adore Him Ascetics – Loving God in Solitude and Simplicity Contemplatives – Loving God through Adoration
Download Outline
Joseph: man of Integrity
Nov 6 – Joseph and history audio            handout                       Nov 13 – Joseph and his family audio         handout  Nov 20 – Joseph in Potiphar’s house audio          handout Nov 27 – Joseph in Prison audio                   handout Dec 4 – Prudent and Promoted  audio           handout Jan 8 – Letting go of the past audio             handout Jan 15 – Do the Right Thing  audio             handout Jan 29 – Payback   audio                            handout
The Divine Conspiracy

divine-conspiracywith Rev. Rick Dietzman, Dallas Willard and John Ortberg

Sept 11 – Introduction audio             handout

Sept 18 – A blessed life audio           handout

Sept 25 – A good person audio         handout

Oct 2 – Defining Kingdoms audio       handout

Oct 9 – What matters most audio       handout

Oct 16 – Prayerful love audio             handout

Oct 23 – Living as a disciple              handout

Archive of previous series

Trading the Birthright audio     handout Losing the Blessing audio       handout Jacob meets God audio           handout Rachel and Leah  audio          handout Jacob’s Children  audio           handout Jacob flees   audio               handout Wrestling with God audio      handout The Journey Home audio       handout

The Family Project You are Here audio  handout Let us make man  audio  handout Not good to be alone  audio handout For this reason audio  handout Like one of us  audio  handout What God has joined  audio handout Mothers as image bearers  audio  handout Fathers as image bearers  audio  handout Children as image bearers audio handout The Enemy audio handout Mystery and Destiny audio       handout Imperfect family audio         handout

Abraham: Blessed to be a Blessing audio  handout

Abraham:Foreshadows audio  handout Abraham: Prayer and Judgement – audio   handout Abraham: Legacy of Faith – audio   handout

Growing our Spiritual gifts

Zooming in on Spiritual Gifts ses 1 notes  audio

Mercy-Helps-Service ses 2 notes  audio Giving-Hospitality-Craftsmanship ses 3 notes  audio Leadership-Administration ses 4 notes  audio Apostleship-Pastoring ses 5 notes  audio Teaching-Exhortation ses 6 notes   audio Evangelism ses 7 notes   audio Prophecy ses 8 notes   audio Tongues-Interpretation ses 9 notes   audio Wisdom-Discernment ses 10 notes   audio Faith-Intercession ses 11 notes  audio Healing-Miracles ses 12 notes  audio

Your True Worth Through God’s Eyes

The Honest Search – session 1 audio           handout  The Performance Trap – session 2 audio     handout

The Approval Trap – session 3 audio            handout

The Blame Trap – session 4 audio           handout

The Shame Trap – session 5 audio         handout

The Road to Truth – session 6 audio     handout

How to approach different narrative forms

Amplifying the Bible – Session 1 audio        handout Amplifying the Bible – Session 2 audio        handout Amplifying the Bible – Session 3 audio        handout Amplifying the Bible – Session 4 audio        handout Amplifying the Bible – Session 5 audio        handout Amplifying the Bible – Session 6 audio        handout

40 Days in the Word

Building our lives on the Bible  session 1 – audio      handout Get into the Word – Picture it session 2 – audio        handout Illuminate the Word – Probe it session 3 – audio       handout Understanding the Meaning – Paraphrase It session 4 – audio    handout Personalize it and Pray it session 5 – audio      handout Principles of Bible Interpretation session 6 – audio         handout

“What’s up with kids today?”  with Rev. Tony Toth. 

The Man Child – video: Understanding the expansion of adolescents   handout The Tightrope – video: Understanding adolescent culture   handout The Cheerleader – video: Understanding how to engage   handout

Can we Trust the Bible?

The Bible and History – notes  audio The Bible and Archeology – Evidence for the Exodus notes  audio PowerPoint presentation The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls – notes audio The Bible and Jesus – notes  audio    

“Growing our Spiritual Gifts” An in-depth look at every spiritual gift mentioned in the Bible and the ways we can develop them in our lives.   Zooming in on Spiritual Gifts ses 1 notes  audio Mercy – Helps – Service ses 2 notes  audio Giving-Hospitality – Craftsmanship ses 3 notes  audio Leadership – Administration ses 4 notes  audio Apostleship – Pastoring ses 5 notes  audio Teaching – Exhortation ses 6 notes   audio Evangelism ses 7 notes   audio Prophecy ses 8 notes   audio Tongues – Interpretation ses 9 notes   audio Wisdom – Discernment ses 10 notes   audio Faith – Intercession ses 11 notes  audio Healing – Miracles ses 12 notes  audio

Fruit of the Spirit – Fall 2009

Introduction notes audio Love notes   audio Joy notes  audio Peace notes   audio Patience notes  audio Kindness notes   audio Goodness notes   audio Faithfulness notes   audio Gentleness notes  audio Self-Control notes   audio Mastery notes   audio

The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God? sess 1 notes   audio The Mystery of the Kingdom of God sess 2 notes  audio Living a Kingdom Lifestyle sess 3 notes    extra reading   audio The Kingdom on Earth sess 4 notes     extra reading    audio The Coming Kingdom sess 5 notes   audio

Worldview in Focus

Why does it matter what we believe?  notes  audio How Do We Know What is True? notes  audio The Impact of the Enlightenment notes  audio The History of Humanism  notes   audio Where Did We Come From?” notes  audio The implications of believing God is personal notes   audio Popular Causes and World View notes   audio  Messed Up World notes  audio  Truth and Love in a Crazy World notes   audio What is the Solution? notes   audio  


Cry of the Soul notes    audio Types of Anger  notes   audio Types of Fear notes   audio Dark and Divine Desire notes   audio   Loss and Restoration of Hope  notes   audio The Bait of Satan: Offense  notes    audio The Power of Shame  notes    audio When God seems Distant  notes   audio The goodness of God notes    audio The Gift of Solitude notes   audio Feeding the Soul  notes    audio Telling Yourself the Truth  notes   audio Great Expectations  notes    audio Hearing God’s Whispers  notes   audio

The Case for a Creator – Fall 2009

How Does Genesis Line Up – notes   audio The Case for Intelligent Design – notes    audio Doubts about Darwinism – notes   audio Who Was Adam – notes   audio

Great Openers –  session 1 audio            handout Great Openers – Session 2 audio            handout

Great Openers – session 3 audio             handout

Series on Church History

The First Christians  session 1 audio    handout Defending the Truth  session 2 audio  handout Persecuted to Preferred  session 3 audio  handout Christianity on the Move  session 4 audio  handout From Muliplication to Division  session 5 audio    handout God Is Always Working  session 6 audio  handout When Everything Falls Apart  session 7 audio   handout The Reformation  session 8 audio  handout Luther – part 1  Randall Shelley audio  handout Luther part 2 – Randall Shelley audio  handout Luther part 3 – Randall Shelley audio   handout The Counter Reformation – Rick Perez audio  handout Calvin’s Institutes – Rick Dietzman audio  handout Wrapping up audio – Rick Dietzman & Rick Perez     handout The Gutenberg Bible – Randall Shelley audio    handout Where We’ve Been and Are Going  session 1   audio   handout Revolution in the New World session 2   audio    handout Age of Enlightenment session 3   audio   handout The Birth of the Evangelicals  session 4   audio     handout American Revolution Aftermath session 5   audio       handout The Second Great Awakening session 6   audio      handout The birth of protestant missions  session 7    audio    handout The 1800’s  – The Great Century session 8  audio    handout The Modern World session 9   audio      handout The Fundamentals session 10   audio       handout  Modern and Postmodern session 11  audio     handout

The Case for the reliability of the Bible – Rev Rick Dietzman

The Bible and History – audio  handout The Bible and Archeology – audio   handout PowerPoint presentation which gives evidence for the Exodus EXTRA: video version of evidence for the exodus – extended edition   handout (with many added details) EXTRA: video version – evidence for the Shroud of Turin – extended edition handout (with references for further study) The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls – audio    handout The Bible and Jesus – audio     handout

The Case for a Creator – Rev. Rick Dietzman

How Does Genesis Line Up – audio handout The Case for Intelligent Design – audio  handout Doubts about Darwinism – audio  handout Watch Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator Documentary on YouTube Who Was Adam? – audio handout

Who is this man?  Why Jesus Won’t Go Away – session 1 audio        handout Humanity Revolution – session 2 audio                handout

Power in Forgiveness – session 3 audio                 handout

It’s a Small World – session 4 audio                       handout

Three Days that Changed  – session 5 audio        handout

The Truth Project What is Truth – Why Jesus came audio handout What is Truth – the Cosmic Battle audio  handout Philosophy – Says who? audio  handout Ethics – Can you live it?  audio  handout Anthro – Where Evil Comes From  audio  handout Anthro – Finding Ourselves audio  handout Theology – Knowing God audio  handout 3/08/15 Theology – The Bible Reveals God audio handout EXTRA: video version of Evidence for the Exodus – extended edition   handout (with many added details) Expanded: Evidence for Jesus Christ audio  handout  (from a previous series – Trusting the Bible) EXTRA: video version – evidence for the Shroud of Turin – extended edition     handout (with references for further study) Science – What is True audio   handout Science – Darwin part 1 audio  handout Science – Darwin part 2 audio handout History – Whose story? audio  handout History – God’s Story audio  handout Sociology – The Divine Imprint audio  handout Sociology: Family and Church audio   handout Unio Mystica: Am I Alone  audio  handout Unio Mystica: Barriers  audio  handout The State – Whose Law? audio  handout The State – Who is the Savior? audio  handout THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT all slides for lesson 10 Religious Freedom – video presentation handout The American Experiment – God’s Design audio  handout The American Experiment – Exploring Foundations  audio     handout The American Experiment – The Lampstand  audio   handout The American Experiment – Labor: Created to Create  audio  handout The American Experiment – Labor: 7 economic principles audio  handout The American Experiment – Community: God cares, Do I? audio   handout The American Experiment – Community: Transforming Culture audio  handout

Introducing the Jesus Creed – Audio  handout

God is One – Audio  handout

A New Beginning – Audio  handout

What has God called us to become? – Audio  handout

The story of compassion – audio  handout 

Transformation – audio  handout

Living it – audio  handout

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