As we have watched the unfolding crisis in Ukraine this week, Pastor Rick Dietzman reached out to our denomination’s missions organization (EPC World Outreach) for more specifics about how our group of churches is reaching out to those in need in the region.

They have launched an international disaster relief fund to help relieve suffering. “The crisis in Ukraine is dire, and we are called to help as we are able,” said Dean Weaver, EPC Stated Clerk.

Weaver noted that donations to the fund will be forwarded to international ministry partners, EPC World Outreach workers “on the ground” in affected areas, or to appropriate other agencies and organizations at the discretion of EPC leadership.

“The need right now is almost unfathomable with the mass migration of displaced people fleeing Ukraine,” said Gabriel de Guia, Executive Director of EPC World Outreach. “Women and children are leaving the country with little more than the clothes on their backs, while the men are required to stay behind and fight. It’s heartbreaking to think that for some of them it is their last goodbye.”

Our SCC elders have approved this fund as a place for preferred giving. As we receive further information about how it is put to use, we will inform our church family. Please pray about participating. You can give to this fund by clicking the button below:

Please continue to pray for the people living in Ukraine and the surrounding region. 

The Scriptures continually remind us that the LORD is enthroned forever; He is in control establishing His throne for justice. The Kingdom of God has come, despite the chaos and darkness around us, He promises to always be with His people and that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Would you please pray with us for peace in region, and even more that all those people would know the name of our living LORD and put their trust in Him!
PRAY for all involved in the region to know the name of our LORD and put their trust in him. People often turn to the Lord in crises.
PRAY for peace in the region and wisdom as leaders work toward that peace.
PRAY for our ministry partners in the region. Some are in the middle of the situation, while others are far from the action but sanctions have closed the movement of funds and on-going ministry in the area.
PRAY for all the ministries located in the neighboring countries bordering Ukraine who are taking in thousands of refugees. The refugees are women, children, and older men since the younger men, 18 to 60, have been required to remain in Ukraine, available to fight. Already, approximately three million Ukrainians have fled to other countries, including Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Czechia. This number is continuing to grow daily.
Here are some articles that offer context and additional prayer needs for Ukraine:
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  • Read: Putin’s Spiritual Destiny (spiritual background to the conflict)

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