Rooted Sign-Ups are done for this session, but we encourage you to join us for our next session.


Rooted is a 10-week group interaction where we practice seven key rhythms of the Christian life: Daily Devotion, Prayer, Freedom from Strongholds, Serving the Community, Sacrificial Generosity, Sharing your Story, and Celebration.

We get together weekly with our Rooted group to talk about what God has been showing us as we go through the week’s readings, journal entries, and prayer.


Rooted is a way to help transform us into fully devoted followers of Jesus. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or you’re new to faith in Christ, Rooted has the potential to have a greater impact on your spiritual growth than anything else you do this coming year. From January to March we will be offering Rooted again and forming groups.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rooted?
Rooted is a 10 week discipleship experience that connects people to God, the church, and their purpose.

The format originated from a church in Africa, then was adapted by an international team of authors at Mariners church in California. During the past three years it’s been used in over 500 churches in the United States and internationally.  See  for more on how Rooted is affecting lives.

What Should I Expect if I Attend?
A group of people just like you committed to encouraging each other through this discipleship journey. You will meet as a group weekly for 10 weeks, discussing that week’s daily encounters and growing through discipleship experiences. There will also be several church-wide activities.
Is There Homework?
Rooted includes a workbook and asks participants to engage in a 15-20-minute Bible reading, devotion, and response 5 days a week. It’s an accessible and meaningful way to grow during the Rooted experience!
How Do I Get My Materials?

Rooted workbooks will be distributed at the Kick-offs and through existing small groups. They cost $15, or $25 per couple. (Everyone has their own book because you will journal in it.)  The church will cover all other costs because we want to make this as accessible as possible. Pay at the first session.

You won’t find Rooted workbooks on or because no one resells a workbook they have written in. Other books found online called “Rooted” are not the same as what we are doing. If you want to look at a workbook/journal, just come by the church office. 

What if neither of the Kick-off time slots work for my schedule?
Most of the groups we form on the Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon will continue meeting at those times on the church campus for the 10 weeks. But there are also going to be over 20 other Rooted groups which will meet at various times and places. If you have special circumstances contact the church office and we’ll work on helping you find the right group.
What if I'm not able to attend every session?
The church wide Rooted we will run this January will be something very special in the life of our church – Probably never repeated in the same way again. It highly benefits the group if everyone is present and participating fully.  If you are going to have to miss more that two of the weeks due to travel or other commitments, then it would be better for you to consider being part of a smaller scale version of Rooted which we will hopefully run in the future.