Sequim Community Church is an active partner with local emergency organizations throughout Clallam County in planning and preparing for major disasters. For CERT training, email Cindy Zechenelly, 
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Below you will see a growing list of great “click n get” deals we’ve found. Go on, get it over within ten minutes and rest easy.  For less than $500 you can “eprep” a family of four to shelter in place without electricity for a month. (That’s how long the fire department estimates we will have to wait for outside help from FEMA, military etc. in the event of a major earthquake or power grid outage.)  These one time purchases are most of what you will need to cover food, water, electronics, cooking fuel, and heating during that time.


$99 at (and No tax, free shipping. 20 year shelf life. Sequim Fire Dept says we will all need to be self sustaining for 30 days. At the least get a bucket of this or something similar for each member of the family. Heres a link to a fantastic article on several 30 day bucket options and the types of food you can supplement it with.  Having a month of stored food is emergency management’s top priority for people to buy. 

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter$19
on, a bestseller. (See larger gravity filter version here) The Fire Dept stressed in their presentation that getting water is not the problem we’ll have. It will be getting clean water. Buy a couple of good filters such as Lifestraw and don’t worry about stockpiling gallons and gallons of water, unless you really want to. The filters (as well as 30 days of food) are the priority. Check out this hand siphon/pump that connects to a regular hose! All kinds of great uses. Here’s a link for ways to gather & filter water like MacGyver using just basic materials at hand. (Better read it now before the internet goes away!)

The link shows a comparison of many versions. It’s the ultimate 21st Century Swiss army knife. Have a working flashlight through the whole ordeal, stay informed by radio, and keep the kids entertained on their gadgets to boot. (Note that charging ability/quality varies on these). Here’s a high end USB solar charger that is larger and more efficient.

KSQM 91.5 FM is Sequim’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) channel. Write “91.5 FM” on your radio with a sharpie once you get it!

 $58 on This little guy will burn almost anything, so no need to find propane for cooking. And if you find yourself having to stay in a tent or creatively heat your dwelling, you’ll never be cold again. See a video of one in use. Heres a  more expensive, better built one.  If you just want to cook, here’s a link to some portable wood stoves that are efficient, don’t have a smokestack and are built to last.