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End of The Year Party: Tuesday, May 30th • 9 am

If you were involved in Heart to Heart this year, please join us for a potluck celebration of fellowship.  Last one before the summer starts!
Everyone is invited!

Heart to Heart meets Tuesdays, 9 to 11 am in the Fellowship Center
from September to May

Our goal for Heart to Heart is to encourage growth in your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, to equip you for service, and to foster an atmosphere where Christ-centered friendships bloom. Our desire is to focus women’s hearts on the sovereignty and all-sufficiency of the Living God. We gather together in order to build one another up in the faith and to encourage relationships for the purpose of prayer and accountability. May the Lord abundantly bless you as you seek to know Him more deeply and to make Him more fully known.

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Our Fall 2016 to Winter 2017 Teaching Series

A study on Women of the Bible, authored by our own Dr. Scott Koenigsaecker.   Handouts of the weekly studies are available below.

Fall 2016 Studies

Week One: Introduction

Week Two: Eve – handout

Week Three: Sarah – handout • Presentation notes

Week Four: Rebekah – handout

Week Five: Potiphar’s Wife – handout

Week Six: Mary, Mother of Jesus – handout

Week Seven: Lot’s Wife – handout

Week Eight: Jochebed – handout

Week Nine: The Woman at the Well – handout

Week Ten: Mary Magdalene – handout

Week Eleven: Miriam – handout


Spring 2017 Studies

Week 12: Delilah – handout

Week 13 – Mary of Bethany – handout

Week 14 – Deborah – handout

Week 15 – Sapphira – handout

Week 16 – Ruth & Naomi – handout

Week 17 – Martha – handout

Week 18 – Rahabhandout

Week19 – Michal – handout

Week 20 – Jezebelhandout

Week 21- The Syrophoenecian Womanhandout

Week 22 – The Sinful Womanhandout