Join us this week for an adventure!

YouVersion Bible App (by Life Church)

Each Sunday we will be offering a 5-7 day Bible plan with a short reading related to Pastor Scott’s Message that people from SCC can read and comment on together on their devices or computer. It’s a whole new way to personally apply the weekend’s topic.
How to Get Started!
First: Download the YouVersion Bible app on your mobile device (or go to on your computer) and sign up for a free account in your name.                                                                         
Second: Look for the friend icon. Search for “Sequim Community Church” in Find Friends and click it. Then select “add friend” when the church comes up. We will send back an invite to this week’s group plan
Third: Check back later for a plan invite notification, then accept it. (That’s assuming notifications are on! See set up instructions under ESSENTIAL TIPS on this page). The manual way to look for an invite is to click on the plans checkmark, click “my plans” and look for an invite at the top. Then accept it.
On Sunday, go to the first day of the plan, read devotional and verses, and if you want to, write something in “talk it over” for others in the group to see. Keep coming back during the next few days.   
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I feel I am technically challenged?
This webpage has step by step instructions for setting up an account on a computer, designed to walk you through the confusing parts and help you turn off non-important email notifications. We also give ESSENTIAL TIPS for setting up a mobile device so that you can manage your push notifications too. 
How many people will I be grouped with? 
We’ve found that groups much larger than 20 can get a bit out of hand in terms of comments, so when you initially “friend” the church we’ll put you in a group of people from SCC about that size, some of whom you may know and others who you don’t.  This will only last for 5-7 days until the plan ends. 
How do I set up a group of my friends?
It’s easy to set up groups of your close friends and small group members, so ideally once you test drive the experience, we can help you do future Message plans in the context of people you regularly see and meet with, so your relationships are strengthened. Please let know if you’d like to try this. 
Setting up Notifications

In the app at the bottom right click on the three lines (“More”) area, and look for settings at the bottom, then click notification settings.  You may want to turn all the “Email Notifications” off since those will come in droves. But keep the “Push Notifications” on for now so you see how this thing can hum! Later you can select the various things you don’t want to receive from the app. Maybe you don’t want to see all your “friends activity” for instance, but do want to see when they comment on the group plan. You should also go into your regular phone settings in the notification area and make sure things are toggled on too for the Bible app.

The Bible app in Cellular mode

On the iPhone, the default setting was cellular off on the Bible app. So It worked on wifi but parts of it stopped working on the go. If you have that problem, go to cellular settings and turn on Bible app.

Finding plans you are invited to

Look for the check mark at the bottom middle of the screen in the app. That’s where plans are. On the iPhone it says plans under the checkmark. On an android phone its just a checkmark, on the desktop its a checkmark three from the left that says plans. That’s your go to spot on the app or desktop each day to check in. Invites will appear at the top. Click on the My Plans button to get to the plans you are invited to and the ones you are working on.

Starting a plan with other friends

In the plans area click on Find Plans. Choose one and click Start Plan, then choose either By Myself or With Friends. It will let you invite other friends you know and set the start date. You are now the plan host. There are thousands of plans to choose from.  Ask the men in your small group to do a fatherhood or men focused plan. Ask the women to do a women’s focused plan. Ask your kids to do a youth ones, your young adult away at college to connect with you on a growth theme. Connect with a childhood friend who lives in another state around God’s word. The possibilities are endless. You might find yourself in the Bible every day with several plans going at once, and still get it all done in half an hour. 

FAQ: What if I don’t have a smart phone or tablet, and just use a computer?

STEP 1: Go to
STEP 2: In the far upper right there is a box called Sign up. Click it
STEP 3: Enter your first and last name, your email address, and a password – they will send you a confirmation email 
STEP 4: Go into you email and click the confirmation link
STEP 5: Go back to and sign in.
STEP 6: Locate the two most important things. One is three from the top right. The friends icon (two heads). The other is three from the top left. It says Plans and has a check mark. These are your two “go to places” if you want to figure out what is going on. The other is a bell next to the friends icon. If that has a red dot then you are being notified of an activity on someone’s part. 
STEP 7: Click the friends icon and type “Sequim Community Church” next to Find Friends box and click it. Then select “add friend” when the church comes up.
STEP 8: Come back later and look in plans for an invitation to the church’s weekly plan and accept it. Look for the box that says “My Plans”. Then in that week’s plan, just take a peek at what people are saying in “Talk it over” on various days so you see what all the hubbub is about. 

To find the message plan look for checkmark at the bottom of screen, click “my plans” then accept the one from SCC

IMPORTANT: Go in right now and turn off most of your email notifications, you may be inundated with them if you don’t. Here’s how

STEP 1: Look for the little cog wheel at top right of the screen and click it

STEP 2:  Click on Manage Notifications (2nd one down in settings)

STEP 3: Start unchecking email notifications. The only ones we’d recommend keeping at first are “When invited to join a plan” and “plan start reminder”

Why is this Bible App idea good for me?
The church functions best when people are talking and doing things together.  This program is another way to create a sense of family. Most people check in around 10 minutes a day, and once you see that a friend has posted something you may suddenly have a desire to get into the Bible ahead of looking at the news or Facebook. Don’t be surprised if you are finding a daily quiet time has become effortless and fun.
“Even after 8+ years of SCC as my church home, there are so many people I still do not know. It’s been so inspirational this week to interact with others from SCC about God’s Word and how it affects us in different, meaningful ways.”  Cyndi
“I have enjoyed seeing all the responses.”   Sue
“No negative. All encouraging. Makes my heart smile.”  Tom
“It’s creating some new connections with people. We all benefit from hearing how God is stirring one another to new insights.”  Julie
“I like that I know I’m not alone.”  Robert