Watch – The Visible Yahweh: Jesus in the OT    handout

January 7 – Who is Jesus? audio       handout

January 14 – The Promise audio         handout

January 21 – The Prophecy audio    50 OT prophecies    handout

January 28 – His Life audio     handout

February 4 – His Death audio    handout

February 11 –  Watch video – John Ortberg – Jesus Man of Unimaginable Influence

February 18 – His Resurrection audio      handout

Bonus material  Watch Video – Forensic Evidence for the Resurrection – Rick D

Building a Scientific and Historic Case for God

May 7  How does Genesis line up?   audio     handout 

May 14 Who wrote the Torah?   audio      handout

May 21 Evidence for Exodus pt 1 audio                handout

May 28 Evidence for Exodus pt 2 video                handout

June 4  Clues about the Conquest audio     handout

June 18 David and Solomon audio    handout

July 2 Assyrian Attacks audio   handout

July 9 The Babylon Invasion audio   handout

Sept 10 – Canons of Historicity audio             handout

Sept 17 – Luke and Acts audio                       handout

Sept 24 – External Corroboration audio         handout

Oct 1 – The Trial of Jesus  audio                    handout

Oct 8 – Evidence for the Resurrection video        handout

God is Closer than You Think

Feb 26 – God’s great desire for people audio            handout

Mar 5 – Where is God in my world audio                   handout

Mar 12 – Partnering with God audio                          handout

Mar 19 – Listening to the voice of God audio             handout

Mar 26 – God wants a relationship with you audio        handout

April 2 – Heaven Breaking Through audio                handout

Joseph - Man of Integrity

Week One:  Joseph and History  audio   handout

Week Two: Joseph and his family audio    handout 

Week Three:  Joseph in Potiphar’s house  audio   handout

Week Four:  Joseph in Prison  audio    handout

Week Five:  Prudent and Promoted  audio   handout

Week Six:  Letting go of the Past  audio     handout

Week Seven:  Do the Right Thing  audio     handout

Week Eight:  Payback   audio   handout

The Divine Conspiracy

Week One:  Introduction audio  handout

Week One: A Blessed Life  audio  handout

Week One: A Good Person audio   handout

Week One: Defining Kingdoms audio     handout

Week One:  What Matters Most audio   handout

Week One:   Prayerful Love audio  handout

Week One:   Living as a Disciple audio  handout

Jacob - Failing Forward

Week One: Trading the Birthright audio   handout

Week Two:  Losing the Blessing audio    handout

Week Three: Jacob meets God audio    handout

Week Four:  Rachel and Leah  audio   handout

Week Five: – Jacob’s children  audio  handout

Week Six: – Jacob flees   audio   handout

Week Seven: – Wrestling with God audio  handout

Week Eight – The Journey Home audio  handout

Abraham - Journey of Faith

Week One:  Abraham: Blessed to be a Blessing    audio   handout

Week Two:  Abraham:Foreshadows    audio   handout

Week Three:  Abraham: Prayer and Judgement   audio    handout

Week Four:  Abraham: Legacy of Faith   audio    handout

The Case for Bible and Creator
The Case for the reliability of the Bible – Rev Rick Dietzman

The Bible and History – audio           handout

The Bible and Archeology – audio       handout
PowerPoint presentation which gives evidence for the Exodus

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls – audio   handout
The Bible and Jesus – audio    handout

The Case for a Creator – Rev. Rick Dietzman

Watch Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator Documentary on YouTube

How Does Genesis Line Up – audio           handout

The Case for Intelligent Design – audio       handout

Doubts about Darwinism – audio                 handout

Who Was Adam – audio                               handout

The Family Project Series

Week One: You are Here    audio     handout

Week Two: Let us make man  audio   handout

Week Three: Not good to be alone  audio      handout

Week Four: For this reason  audio  handout

Week Five: Like one of us    audio    handout

Week Six: What God has joined   audio    handout

Week Seven:  Mothers as image bearers  audio    handout

Week Eight: Fathers as image bearers   audio   handout

Week Nine: Children as image bearers   audio  handout

Week Ten: The Enemy   audio   handout

Week Eleven: – Mystery and Destiny audio    handout

Week Twelve: My Imperfect family audio    handout

The Jesus Creed

The Jesus Creed – Loving God and  Loving Others

Introducing the Jesus Creed Audio  handout

God is One   Audio       handout

A New Beginning   Audio        handout

What has God called us to become?  Audio         handout

The Story of Compassion   audio       handout 

Transformation    audio          handout

Living it    audio      handout

Christians Who Made History: 1700 to the Present

Where We’ve Been and Are Going  session 1   audio   handout

Revolution in the New World session 2  audio    handout

Age of Enlightenment session 3   audio       handout

The Birth of the Evangelicals  session 4   audio     handout

American Revolution Aftermath session 5   audio       handout

The Second Great Awakening session 6   audio      handout

The Birth of Protestant Missions  session 7    audio    handout

The 1800’s  – The Great Century session 8  audio    handout

The Modern World session 9   audio      handout

The Fundamentals session 10   audio       handout 

Modern and Postmodern session 11  audio     handout

Truth Project

What is Truth – Why Jesus came audio         handout

What is Truth – the Cosmic Battle audio       handout

Philosophy – Says who? audio                       handout

Ethics – Can you live it?  audio                      handout

Anthro – Where evil comes from  audio        handout

Anthro – Finding Ourselves    audio                  handout

Theology – Knowing God     audio                      handout

Theology – The Bible reveals God     audio        handout

  • EXTRA: Evidence for the Exodus – extended edition  video   handout (with many added details)
  • EXTRA: Evidence for Jesus Christ     audio        handout (from a previous series – Trusting the Bible)
  • EXTRA: Evidence for the Shroud of Turin – extended edition  video    handout (with references for further study)

Science – What is True    audio               handout

Science – Darwin part 1   audio              handout

Science – Darwin part 2    audio              handout

History – Whose story?    audio                handout

History – God’s story   audio    handout

Sociology – The Divine Imprint   audio   handout

Sociology: Family and Church  audio   handout

Unio Mystica: Am I alone  audio   handout

Unio Mystica: Barriers  audio     handout

The State – Whose Law?  audio   handout

The State – Who is the Savior?   audio   handout


get all slides for lesson 10

Religious Freedom – video presentation          handout

God’s Design   audio                 handout

Exploring Foundations    audio     handout

The Lampstand   audio          handout

Labor: Created to Create   audio       handout

Labor: 7  Economic Principles   audio       handout

Community: God Cares – Do I?   audio         handout

Community: Transforming Culture   audio     handout

Who Is This Man?
Who is this man? – The impact of Jesus on the world

Why Jesus won’t go away – session 1 audio        handout

Humanity Revolution – session 2 audio                handout

Power in Forgiveness – session 3 audio                 handout

It’s a Small World – session 4 audio                       handout

Three days that changed  – session 5 audio        handout

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